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Food for the hungry

We are in our second year growing food for the hungry, I really can’t tell you why we were just compelled to do this.   So many organizations around the world are feeding the hungry but right here in our own area there are so many that go without fresh food.   Think about it, when you donate food it’s non perishable… Of course that’s what everyone wants you to donate because of the obvious, easy transport, no refrigeration etc…

My first thought this Tuesday is I saw a quote and I really liked it “Grow an extra row for the hungry”

If everyone that has a garden were to grow an extra row or just take the extra that would normally go to the compost pile to a soup kitchen it would make a difference.
I worked on the holiday and took today off. It’s sooo quiet out.

My second thought is I am going to cheat and go to Jeff’s green house and get some tomatoes and a few other veggies.  A whole flat 48 plants for 12 bucks or so, it’s just too easy.   I still have Beans to plant and I’m all finished for now, we just need rain.

As you can see I had too many kale seeds lol, everything you see behind the garden is planted in cucumbers.


This area is the three sisters method corn, a string bean plant and squash to shade the weeds and grass. I hope it works!
Behind this area as far as you can see is cucumbers also.

Have a great Tuesday



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I thought Life was Good – It Just got Better

My first thought as I wake to the sound of a dive bombing airplane… I wonder if he does it on purpose? He stayed just long enough to make sure I woke up. Nice having a neighbor down the street with an airplane.

It’s strange to wake up to no stress, no deadlines, just drink my coffee and head out to get some work done. The last person we were doing work for gave me reason to question his integrity.

Example: he was mad at one of the painters, the painter did finish his job though but not fast enough. Come to find out after speaking with him his tags were out and he needed to go get his tools, ladder, sprayer etc… I asked him did you leave a 24 foot extension ladder? “Yes”

I told him the trash guy came by and was bragging that the ” boss” told him we are having an open house and to clean it up. As he bragged about getting the painters tools I preceded to tell him who they belonged to. The trash guy grinned and told three of us that the “boss” had made a plan… ” if he asks for them I will tell him they were stolen” Really!!!???

Now I question what happened to my tools that came up missing? The electrician had a generator stolen, need I go on?

The funniest things happen to us, we were making decisions based on this builders schedule.

We told the neighbor farmer to take those fields we won’t have time to plant and take care of all this, I guess no veggies for the hungry. I felt bad but what were we to do? The money is too good and we have deadlines!

My question is do you think our maker said ” Oh, no time? Let me show you a few things. It appears you have lost your way and aren’t thinking straight.”

Than all these things that were supposedly said and done were lies, truth hidden but all exposed.

So now we are back in the groove, time for the web work and our own construction business working right down the road and at a daycare at that we even get nap time!

My second thought, would you call the two people in question thieves or liars?

Have a great Tuesday

Ps. Now that Trina just told me we both just wrote almost the same post I’m adding a third thought.

I had a blast this weekend with the GK he got a youth .22 rifle for his birthday, of course Grandad will keep it in the safe on the farm for him until he’s older. Some say too young, I say teach and no kid gets hurt. My third thought is I need glasses he outshot me, lol

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Silly Chickins

I’m sure I wrote about getting chickens here on the farm. Well we did get them and they have been very productive.

We didn’t know what to name the rooster, yes he has a name lol The nice lady that rents the house with her husband said when we brought them home “Look at the rooster, strutting around all cocky like he owns the place… We should name him Kenny”. We all laughed (that’s her husbands name) lol then she said ” it can be Kenny and his Bitches”, I thought we would all die laughing.

As I got up and headed out to feed them this morning Kenny is crowing and the girls are all waiting for me. My first thought is I wonder if other people that have chickens can go for a walk with theirs? Yes I can open the gate and let them out and they will go for a walk and come back with me, silly chickens. They will follow me everywhere, if I leave the shop door open I’m sure they would come in and just hang out, it’s not what I expected.

Walking the Chickens

The weather has changed here and that brings me to my second thought… What to do about heat for them this winter? I really don’t want to get rid of them I need a small coup to put a heat lamp or something to keep them warm. With the weather change so fast it won’t be long and it’s going to get cold. It has already been in the high fifties a couple nights.

Have a great Tuesday

Food Wasted

I know I have written a lot about growing food etc… I am sure I also wrote about taking the food we grow to the soup kitchens by the truck load.

As I get up this morning remembering how we picked so many cucumbers yesterday evening “after the picker went through”!

My first thought is how much waste there is with all this new equipment. It’s shocking that in a short time we picked more than half the city could eat. It’s too bad farmers don’t post a schedule and what they are picking so the left over produce isn’t just tilled under. So many of our own people of all races and colors are hungry. I don’t know how you feel but I hate going to bed hungry.


My second thought is I really hope they like cucumbers, let me rephrase that I hope everyone I know likes cucumbers lol. Cucumber sandwiches, gazpacho, cucumber salads, cucumber with yogurt… I even grilled cucumber once ( by accident, I thought it was a zucchini) and that was pretty tasty.

Have a great day,

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I am sure I have mentioned we are growing vegetables here on the farm. The spinach and kale have been ready for a couple weeks.  Oh what to do with enough spinach and kale to feed a small army?

Since we have been busy I said” let’s do what we said and feed some hungry people!” Trina agreed, so I get on the phone and start looking for soup kitchens. OMG, who would have thought it could be so difficult… One place told me… ” no sir we don’t have a soup kitchen but if you are giving it away just bring it by” no thanks I’m trying to feed some hungry people that need the food today.

I called another and they all answer the same.” Hello such and such company how can I direct your call? Please Hold for miss selfish. ” This time was crazy!

” Hi this is miss selfish”,

me “are you a soup kitchen?”

“oh yes, we put on a dinner each Saturday but the guy in charge of that isn’t in. So you have spinach and kale you want to give away?”

Me,” yes ”

Miss Selfish. “Well stop by the office here and I’m sure the girls and I will take a few bags then you can go over to the warehouse, there are guys that work in there, you know where it is?”

Me, “yes”

Miss Selfish continues…” They will take some and the rest we will put in the food pantry refrigerator.”


Then she says” what time will you be by? I go to lunch around noon…”

My first thought was OMG no wonder they have a “will work for food sign” the greedy bitch ate all the food!

So anyway I kept trying and after a couple hours, and five hundred Hail Marys, I found a real, live soup kitchen –  they feed twelve hundred people a month! I was super happy so Trina and I picked and picked we ended up with forty large bags of spinach and kale.

It was a bit of a ride but it was cool we are off to do what we said we wanted to do. We arrived to some happy faces, they did not know we were coming. I had spoken to the Little SIster of Jesus and Mary outreach who told me about them. My next thought was ok that was a couple rows now what?
I called around and I came up with nothing, nada, zip… My third thought was I can’t stand these organizations they just aren’t right.

Then I remembered the place we dropped off the food, I’ll call them.
It worked out great he told me of a Christian crisis center where they will take in  families, homeless etc… I called them and a Mr. Barnes answered, he said they would love some fresh food! Its a real center not this fake corporate crap. You can only stay three days. They feed fifty people a day. Our first delivery was 38 bags, I hope they liked it ’cause I’m coming back with more!
I learned something since doing this, I thought I would be happy…
Nope as we drove away I said to Trina ” I really wish I could do more”

Have a great Tuesday



Chickens GMO’s and Bees

We finally found chickens… You would think this would be easy to do since we live in a rural area. But all we could find this last month were chicks, until the other day.

Everyone wants to know why in the heck I would want chickens. Here’s the deal, I can control what goes into making my eggs. It’s that plain and simple. Everyday we hear about our food being compromised with a chemical or genetically altered feed crops. My first thought was oh no big deal, they are growing bigger crops with higher yields… Everyone is living longer with a better quality of life. I’m not so sure I believe this anymore.
Monsanto, the leader of Genetically Modified Food, the maker of Agent Orange and the company protected from liability by our government for the 400,000 people killed and 2 million sickened, are at it again.

Monsanto is traveling around the globe with their products in which when planted you cannot save seeds for the next year because they have a patent on them. This has effected many farmers and forces the farmers to buy Monsanto’s seed. That’s not the worst of it either. In talking to our local bee keepers they blame GMO’S for the loss of 60 percent of their bee population!

I was told by one local bee keeper “There will not be enough bees to go around, a lot of farmers are planting and do not know it yet but they won’t get bees this year.” When I asked why, I was told that the Genetically Modified Food was to blame. The old timer went onto say that his bees are affected, become confused and disoriented. When this happens they don’t return to the hive, also the pesticides are killing many of the bees. I asked how do you replace them. “There are bee farms in Texas but it is so bad right now you can’t get bees for replacement.” This local bee keeper has decided to sell out at the end of the season. My second thought is heck I’ll buy a few hives and put them in the back of the farm. I don’t plan on using GMO’S or a lot of pesticides so they may have a safe place to live and maybe we’ll get some honey to boot.

I am not a survivalist but growing my own food and raising chickens lessens my dependency on our food supply.
For all the conspiracy buffs out there here is a thought… Our Government protects companies like Monsanto and Dow shielding them from prosecution so they can control the food supply.

Ok back to the chickens, these pics are from the day we brought them home:

is it safe here? Should we get out of the box?


It’s ok… Get out of that box!


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Two Thoughts For Tuesday

Sometimes it gets fun around here while we are working.
We were all in the back field Sunday afternoon, planting, working the dirt and putting in marker steaks. It was a bit cold but nice enough out.

My first thought when my buddy said we should hook up the disk to the Rock Crawler Jeep was… Holy crap this will be fun!
Off we went to get the parts and the Jeep. We got a few looks like” what are those two up to?” lol
After it was hooked up Buddy said jump in and go for a ride… We laughed and carried on as we threw dirt everywhere with the radio blasting!
After a few runs around the field I mentioned to Buddy that the disk was like a sea anchor and if he were to floor it, the disk would keep the rear of the Jeep straight. Buddy said  “you think so?”
Me… “Of course you could floor it and it would be fine, just go for it.”
So he did and the dirt was flying, the radio blasting with the heat on. The next thing we see is Trina looking at us as if we were crazy with camera in hand. We definitely received a few funny looks as we continued to have fun on our home grown tractor pull!



My second thought was who said farming can’t be fun? Even though we were goofing off we still managed to get more planted before it rained.


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