About The Wolfbernz Network

The Wolfbernz network started in a coffee shop somewhere around April of 2006 in a little town of Seaford, Delaware, and  is a service for bloggers and website owners alike.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality of goods and services including web design the installation of WordPress Blogs, coming soon we will be offering template building for CARMA users.

All of the blogs created on the Wolfbernz network  or BlogDumps Blogs are running on dedicated servers with around the clock techs on duty and their support is the greatest with 99.99% up time!

If you have a blog and would like to be featured on BlogDumps follow me here

If you not sure about blogging, don’t worry, our excellent support team is here to help!

If you wish to contact the corporate offices

For advertising on one of our sites.

Phone Support: 1-302-228-7787 Ask For Wolfbernz

Email:   admin(at)   Subject line “Advertising Wolfbernz sites”.

Snail mail to:


Po box 1121

Seaford De. 19973