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I thought Life was Good – It Just got Better

My first thought as I wake to the sound of a dive bombing airplane… I wonder if he does it on purpose? He stayed just long enough to make sure I woke up. Nice having a neighbor down the street with an airplane.

It’s strange to wake up to no stress, no deadlines, just drink my coffee and head out to get some work done. The last person we were doing work for gave me reason to question his integrity.

Example: he was mad at one of the painters, the painter did finish his job though but not fast enough. Come to find out after speaking with him his tags were out and he needed to go get his tools, ladder, sprayer etc… I asked him did you leave a 24 foot extension ladder? “Yes”

I told him the trash guy came by and was bragging that the ” boss” told him we are having an open house and to clean it up. As he bragged about getting the painters tools I preceded to tell him who they belonged to. The trash guy grinned and told three of us that the “boss” had made a plan… ” if he asks for them I will tell him they were stolen” Really!!!???

Now I question what happened to my tools that came up missing? The electrician had a generator stolen, need I go on?

The funniest things happen to us, we were making decisions based on this builders schedule.

We told the neighbor farmer to take those fields we won’t have time to plant and take care of all this, I guess no veggies for the hungry. I felt bad but what were we to do? The money is too good and we have deadlines!

My question is do you think our maker said ” Oh, no time? Let me show you a few things. It appears you have lost your way and aren’t thinking straight.”

Than all these things that were supposedly said and done were lies, truth hidden but all exposed.

So now we are back in the groove, time for the web work and our own construction business working right down the road and at a daycare at that we even get nap time!

My second thought, would you call the two people in question thieves or liars?

Have a great Tuesday

Ps. Now that Trina just told me we both just wrote almost the same post I’m adding a third thought.

I had a blast this weekend with the GK he got a youth .22 rifle for his birthday, of course Grandad will keep it in the safe on the farm for him until he’s older. Some say too young, I say teach and no kid gets hurt. My third thought is I need glasses he outshot me, lol

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