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Food for the hungry

We are in our second year growing food for the hungry, I really can’t tell you why we were just compelled to do this.   So many organizations around the world are feeding the hungry but right here in our own area there are so many that go without fresh food.   Think about it, when you donate food it’s non perishable… Of course that’s what everyone wants you to donate because of the obvious, easy transport, no refrigeration etc…

My first thought this Tuesday is I saw a quote and I really liked it “Grow an extra row for the hungry”

If everyone that has a garden were to grow an extra row or just take the extra that would normally go to the compost pile to a soup kitchen it would make a difference.
I worked on the holiday and took today off. It’s sooo quiet out.

My second thought is I am going to cheat and go to Jeff’s green house and get some tomatoes and a few other veggies.  A whole flat 48 plants for 12 bucks or so, it’s just too easy.   I still have Beans to plant and I’m all finished for now, we just need rain.

As you can see I had too many kale seeds lol, everything you see behind the garden is planted in cucumbers.


This area is the three sisters method corn, a string bean plant and squash to shade the weeds and grass. I hope it works!
Behind this area as far as you can see is cucumbers also.

Have a great Tuesday



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3 replies on “Food for the hungry”

I am always so envyous when I see all the land you have to work with. My tree covered city lot wouldn’t allow for a serious vegetable garden. The best I can hope for is a few tomato plants.

That is a lovely thing planting an extra row for the hungry. It would be wonderful if everyone was that generous.

Have a great week.


We could fit our entire Socal lot in a small corner of your farm but I figure they invented markets so I wouldn’t have to row anything. Is is indeed great that you grow food for the hungry.


It would be nice if we could plant a vegetable garden, too, at places like our church or school. It seems like it would be such a practical thing to do in a community. It would such a nice thing to see. Just my thoughts…

By the way, that is a nice open area! I’m sure that the plants will love the sunlight that they get there! 🙂

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