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St. Patrick’s Day

I am not one for celebrating… Yeah right, you all know better then that… LOL

When the kids were little I couldn’t make it out of bed without a pinch or two at least and them running down the hall screaming “Dads coming to get us!” Trina would always make green eggs… I could barely stand to look at them let alone eat a green egg ( Sorry Trina ) but the kids loved ’em and then she would drive them to the bus from the farm house all excited. It’s funny how a holiday can bring back some cool memories and fun times. The one thing that still gets me though is they still act as though they still have it in their minds that I am fair game even though they are all adults now!

So, I guess that counts as a tradition because if they get the chance they still get me 😀

This year we are getting everyone together and we are going to have a party and a bonfire to celebrate. We haven’t done this in a long time so it should be a lot of fun, plus it is on a Wednesday so it will break up the week nicely!

Maybe I can find one of the kids goofy hats in the attic and wear it… LOL that would be fun.

Happy Tuesday and St. Patrick’s Day!


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5 replies on “St. Patrick’s Day”

Hi Wolfberns, first of all I have to tell you that I already clicked it for you.

Then from the last thought, yep, you’re right I am in SoCal. And about for this day, now you have to wear something green tomorrow or you got pinched again by your kids. 🙂 The planned bonfire or party tomorrow is surely a lot of fun and laughs. That is awesome! Enjoy…

My Two Thoughts (this) On Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick Day (for tomorrow)!

Yeah, where did the whole pinching thing come from? Thanks for stopping by all!

Have a great Tuesday

Love the stories of your kids on St. Patrick’s Day … maybe if I had memories like that I’d be more inclined to celebrate. But green eggs? I do not like them, Sam I am.

Bud aka Older Eyes

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