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Two Thoughts

As you can see I haven’t been writing again… Life and work just seem to get in the way.
I guess that’s why I like Top Sites Tuesday I get a chance to just write ๐Ÿ™‚

My first thought is that it has been so nice out the last few days I have been working until I am thoroughly exhausted.

I posted a week or so ago that I was almost finished with the Porsche 911 and, well, it’s looking good all the snow is gone, it has been spring like weather so since I am 99.0 percent finished I was able to take it out of the work shop and wash it and get it fired up ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope the weather holds out so I can take the maiden voyage! Here is a photo all washed up and ready to go.

My second thought is Butt Dialing is funny when it happens during the day… Butt dialing, oh that’s where your phone is in your pocket and you call people and don’t know it…. Some funny conversations can be heard and it becomes great entertainment. When it happened yesterday I said “hello, hello, Hello, Helllooooooo this is your butt talking please turn the phone off” and I heard a voice say “uh oh” and turned the phone off. I had it on speaker so we could all have a good laugh on the job. I have one person that has me on speed dial and butt dialed me this morning at 6:30 am! OMG I am never getting a blackberry or a phone without a cover! I can’t imagine Butt dialing someone and not knowing I am on the phone while talking and driving in the car with other people.

Aunt Michelle if you are reading this I hope Wendy’s was good the other day but you should have got the Chili too! I was trying to tell you but I guess I was in your purse! ๐Ÿ™‚ And Aunt Chris you sing very well with the radio and you were very polite to the gas station man too.

Have a great Tuesday!

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4 replies on “Two Thoughts”

LOL! I have had this happen where my phone rings and it is from someone’s phone in their purse or pocket. I love the conversations you hear. It is so funny.

Here’s your click ……

Love and Blessings,

The Porsche’s looking really good!!!

Buttdialing? LOL!!! My husband does it all the time. He’s got one of those phones with a touch screen front. Never get one of those phones either – lol!!!

Ooooh, I covet your Porsche! It looks like the “girl Porsche” in the animated movie, Cars!

I’ve occasionally butt-dialed myself and ended up leaving a ten minute message of my butt sliding around on the seat.


Bud aka Older Eyes

wow.. that’s a nice car you made or yours.. and yeah that’s been funny on that Butt Dialing.. lol.. could I say, thi sis your butt speaking.. (wooot!)… T_T (~_~)

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