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It’s a funny thing sometimes we build a website and nothing, other times we build a website and forget about it… Yes we have that many. We call those sleeper sites because we check them six months later and it’s a working site.

As you all know I have been growing food and giving it away.

My first thought as I awoke to the sound of irrigation pumps is I need a website to share what we are doing. I hope the name is ok – – I wanted it short and hopefully to the point.

It’s not going to be a website to make money online but to share and inspire others to just do something.

So many use the discrimination factor for not doing anything but let me tell you a short story.

I was delivering a truckload of veggies to the soup kitchen. The family gets three days to stay, that’s it.
When I saw a young clean white male his cute young wife and their one year old baby that lost everything I thought all those that tell me I’m feeding lazy people it irritates me. There are people from every race and walk of life with a different story.

That was one of the first times I had delivered food, I got in the truck and told Trina ” I really thought I would feel better after doing this. Not happening I really wish I had more to give”

We drive into the worst part of town to deliver the food, some ask why would you go there? They are the people who are in need. Why would I go to the classy Rivers End Estates?

My second thought is my motor boat, after two summers, is built, wired and ready for the water I just need to go get gas! I really can’t wait. The boat should run 30 mph plus we are talking summer time fun

Have a great week

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I hear the same sort of thing when I give money to homeless people … “she drives a Mercedes and lives in a million dollar house.” Yeah, right …

Good work, Wolf

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