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New Houses and Deadlines

My first though as I got up this morning, heading out the door to the next house that has to be painted, is I really hope the new sheet-rocker is better than the last one.  The last one was the world’s worst… no, the worst in the universe.

It’s a beautiful day and I really hope it all works out, it would suck to ruin such a nice day.

As we arrived to the job and pulled up to the 3,000sqft house with 20+ ft high ceilings, I was literally shaking in my boots worried about walking in the door to another mess.  Much to my surprise as we walked into the door, the sheetrock work was perfect.  In fact it is some of the best sheetrock work I’ve seen in years.  Finally, we found someone who takes pride in their work, does a good job and doesn’t leave a mess!

We went out and bought a new airless industrial paint sprayer so we can meet our new deadlines on the next 10 houses.  The first four are to be done in the next 45 days!  After getting set up and getting the new sprayer ready to go and we started spraying, my second thought… finally I think we’ve gotten a break, a new sheet-rocker and a paint sprayer that works like a dream!

Life is good!




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