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So last week, what a buzz! As you all know I missed last week…
We had a few room paint job, the pregnant wife was going out of town “can you start Sat. She will be home Wed.”

Well it turned into a whole house paint job practically.

The job turned out nice, after a couple days we found out there was a “no matter what” deadline that was not mentioned but to be assumed even after the addition of the other rooms to paint. So we ended up pulling the fifteen hour days to get it done.


It turned out really nice, all Sheetrock floats and cracks fixed before painting.

He was so panicked when she was almost home it started to make me panic.

He kept saying “I hope she is not to mad at me” and “I hope I’m not in trouble”

huh? You just fixed her house up!?!?

My first thought is I wish them the best, two years into marriage a kid on the way and they want five!
By the way, the master bath (that took three coats to cover because you wants semi gloss on the walls)—- WRONG Color!

So today Top Sites Tuesday I wake up to ding on my iPad – weather alert!
Air quality and pollution alert, all young, old, kids, asthma, etc should stay inside out of the 94 degrees temperatures!

My second thought is I couldn’t agree more so I am working on some websites today in my Jammie’s with the air on!

Have a great Tuesday,

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