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Burned out wind turbine generator and controller (update) EW 1000

This post was made because the manufacturer said they could not see the photos I was emailing. In their defense I’m sending from my iPad.
So during a chat session I decided to upload them here. It really wasn’t meant to be a post. But it turned into one.

Here it is!

Wind turbine ew1000
No voltage see photos

Controller not working no brake no readings in led display.

Motor smells burnt when we opened.
Pictures below for viewing.
This turbine was in use 4 month when it stopped working
The exposed parts on shaft is rusted. “They sent new”

The manufacturer has said they are sending new controller and accessories for 48 volt and a new rotor and stater in 48 volt. I get to rebuild the generator motor. No cost for shipping and didn’t give me any problems.
We will have to wait and see how this works out and if they follow through with what they said in their email.
They do not have 24 volt turbines in production.
48 volt will be ok
Yangzhou Shenzhou Wind Generator Co.,Ltd is one of the best companies I have had business with in a long time.
If you are looking for a wind turbine company that stands behind their product after the sale, then click on their name and check out all the wind turbines from smaller 300 watt to large wind turbines.
Yangzhou Shenzhou Wind Generator Co.,Ltdis the company you can depend on.
Their communication by chat and email was the best, nice superior service!

I know it’s starting to sound like an advertisement but what’s better than to read about a company from someone that has dealt with them and gives them a good review before you buy.

I will make a follow up post when I finish putting it together and I can’t wait to fly the EW 1000 and test it out.

Have a great day!

The top two photos are the wind turbine put back together with new generator motor, it is definitely a nice looking wind turbine!










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