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Should I tell?

The trash man on the job was bragging that the boss told him to take the 24 foot extension ladder that was left behind on one of the last houses.

I asked what it looked like and replied with a description, “that’s Jo’s ladder” I said that is the stain he used on the house.
The trash man said ” the boss told me to take it and if anyone asks for it he would tell them it was stolen…”


My first thought today was I just told him who the ladder probably belonged to but he didn’t respond with Oh do you have his number I’ll let him know. Instead he said oh well the boss said take it and he would cover for me?!!!

I’m not to sure how I really feel about this, I really want to ask the main contractor if this is really true.

It’s been a tough few days, even worked the weekend so I’m a bit tired and somewhat overworked so I didn’t just go off the deep end and call Jo and ask if he is looking for his ladder or did he remember where he left it.
Leaving tools behind is very common with the trades, we get tired, load up and go home and just plain forget we left something.

My second thought is I feel like I should call everyone out on this, it’s disturbing to me.
I have had many tools taken this last year off the job. I guess I’ll just get some pink paint and spray all what is mine.
I can say I will not leave any tools on the job in the future.
My third thought is do I call Jo?

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