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Zombie Apocalypse Prepared

Someone was asking me about the “zombie apocalypse” and would I be ready for such an event. I replied that yes I was ready. They said, “oh yeah, go turn the breakers off at you house for a week and see what happens” No problem there, my windmills and solar panels work great! “Would you be able to defend yourself and your home?” Yes, I guess I can. “We’ll yeah, what about food?” I have plenty of land, seeds, and chickens for eggs. I think at this point i think I ruined their whole line of questioning.

Then, with a smile they said, “what about communications?” They thought they got me. I replied, “which radio would you like to talk about? Single side band, hand held radios, CB radios, antennas?”

So my first though this morning, I guess I’m ready. I wasn’t purposely preparing for an apocalypse, but yeah, I think I’m prepared.

And this craziness about the “zombie apocalypse” what is it with people? Seriously? I suppose there’s always got to be a pending apocalypse… Y2K, 12-12-12, etc…

My second thought this week, when I plugged my coffee pot into my off grid system this morning, it drew so much power it was ridiculous. I’m glad they didn’t ask me about my coffee because I’m not going to make it. Did you know that a coffee pot draws 900-1200 watts? That’s nearly as much as a bathroom fan heater! I guess we could use the wood stove and a perk pot, but how inconvenient is that? I guess I’m not ready after all. Lol


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2 replies on “Zombie Apocalypse Prepared”

Funny topic, Wolf. I don’t put much stock in the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse but I might be coming for a visit if it seems eminent. Of course, how to get your address without having working communication at my end may be a problem. As for the coffee…I don’t drink coffee but I am sure boiling water for tea on a wood stove wood do fine for me.

Where I live is quite dependent on public utilities. If they go down, I am in a world of hurt. I about lose my mind when my computer goes off line. I might not survive the loss of electricity. I am such a wimp.

Very fun read…click

Hi, Wolf –

I really don’t get the whole zombie thing but if they turn up, I’m probably screwed. Of course, if I couldn’t get my morning coffee, I might be scary enough to chase them off. You’re right … we always seem to need an impending tragedy. Some preacher from Texas was telling the world that last night’s “blood moon” was a sign that the end times were here. Damn. I thought it was just the earth’s shadow cast over the sun.


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