A Nice Trip

So my number one son has gone home to a bit of a mess, to say the least! He came back home to the Eastern Shore from TEnnessee to remodel his inlaws…( Now lol that’s a real blog post but it won’t ever get published!?!?)

Anyway! He and his lovely wife picked up, moved to Tennessee from here with no job lined up , I gave him one of the enclosed work trailers and helped him move. As any father would be, I was proud to see him strike out on his own in the world but sad to see him go. I had hoped that all I taught him working together for years would pay off.

They have been there 18 months. In that time they are self employed. His wife runs a cleaning company, He is contracting. They saved up for a starter home and were short a few bucks on the down payment so my son gave the man his nice 30.06 rifle and bought a house on six acres with a little creek that runs through the property, a fixer upper but not bad. He already installed a new kitchen, cleaned up the barn, repaired the broken windows, fixed it up etc…

They are a great young couple making it and all on their own and in this economy.

Well they got home the (friend) that was to watch the house well he did more damage then good ( that’s even another blog post geeez)

Now to top it off, well after coming home to the frozen pipes- it did snow while they were gone, the owner finance guy, after giving him a warranty deed for the property and a payment schedule came to them and told them he has a ballon payment on the mortgage he has on the property due in March. Nice huh? he said he didn’t know about it and doesn’t have the money.

He said he would hate to lose the property and is bringing them the notice from his mortgage lender. (Like he didn’t know that a balloon payment was coming due, the man is fifty for Christ sake. As grams used to say, “Jesus Wept!” )

The guy gave them a warranty deed, and the tax payment that is due.

My first thought, crap I really can’t publish it!

My second thought is why does this have to happen to good young couples that try to do everything right to the best of their ability.
Just to get ripped? This world is just full of people like this waiting for them.

As my son said it will work out it always does, wonder where he got that attitude?

On a lighter note, yea I’m done ranting, have you seen the new Wolverine movie it was great.

Have a great Tuesday

One thought on “A Nice Trip

  1. Cheryl P.

    How horrible!! I am so tired of good people getting taken adventage of. I am steadily becoming more and more of a cynic. No one can be trusted to do what is right.

    I hope things work out for your son and his family. I don’t blame you for ranting. I would be beside myself.


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