Two thoughts on life

So the hectic life is over lol. We finally finish the big house we have been on this week with some touch ups!
The best part of this week is we started a new remodel. My first thought is” oh heck is it going to be a mess?”  We never really know until we get there. The house is supposed to be cleaned out and ready but the trash guy… well he never really finishes.
We met with the big boss to go over everything, I said ” wow it’s still has stuff everywhere!”
He asked if I wanted anything, just take it. Immediately I said I want the drafting table, omg it’s sweet!

So I was prepping the kitchen walls with Oil-based Kilz, whoever lived there was a real smoker…. whew!

As the day went on I’m still on light duty due to the great crash we had. Got the MRI’s back they sucked I would have rather not known to be honest.

So as he day went by I was told if I see anything in the garage I want take it, the trash guy has been here already.
I was poking around being the tinkerer I am I found wire for my solar and windmills, stuff for the boat, capacitors, resisters…  The man had some similar interests as me, then I saw a stairway in the garge leading to the attic. Hmmmm “should I go for it?” I asked myself.

It doesn’t look to safe, so I went up anyway.

Now to some it might not be much but in the attic was an original Tempo One single sideband transciever with everything it needed to set up and work. Complete with a Turner plus 3 microphone and a back up microphone in the box new!

Being a Ham operator this was like hitting the jackpot!


I don’t have a spot picked out yet to hook it up but I can’t wait.

My second thought was what happened to his family or a close friend? There were so many good items that most went to the trash.  It makes me wonder was he just forgotten or did the family just think he had a bunch of junk and let it go.  As with the rest of the houses we do we will never know, but I do wonder.

Have a great Tuesday

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One thought on “Two thoughts on life

  1. Cheryl P.

    Hooray on the great finds. It’s always fun to get things by happenstance. I always wonder about that type of thing as well. As a Realtor I have seen people leave amazing stuff behind. Usually, though the family is fighting over the remains….like vultures on a carcass.

    So sorry to hear that you and Trina are still struggling with health issues due to the wreck. Hope everything gets resolved and you both recover completely.


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