Since I’ve had to take over driving, I can’t believe how bad the skills and attitude of drivers out here on the road. I’m actually kind of tired of it.

The other day, riding home tired, the light turns green and I’m so tired that I’m slower at punching the gas. That turned out to be a good thing because if I had punched the gas on green I would have slammed into the little blonde girl who decided to run the red and make a turn right in front of us. I never even saw her coming.

Then there’s the guy in the big giant fancy jacked up truck riding my bumper so close I could roll down my window and flick a booger at him. He whipped around and raced me to the stop light, cutting me off to get on car length ahead.

My first thought: When people get in there car do they check their common sense and patience at the door?

Then the other day we has another guy in a truck, all jacked up again, we’ll call him Mister Badass. (Remember the accident, Old Blue is out of commission and we’re driving a Chevy) so, Mister Badass decided to pass us on the right… He was on the side of the road.

My second thought: I probably should have behaved myself a little better. My 1990 Chevy 350 4×4 with 410 possi rear isn’t all jacked up, she’s multi-colored, and looks a bit old. So when he. So when he is door to door, I punched it and flipped him off. This old truck roared to life and left him in the dust. As childish as it might be, it felt good anyway.

But really how does anyone expect you to have a good attitude when the roads are full of morons?!?


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2 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. Cheryl P.

    I agree Wolf, it is so frustrating that there are so many aggressive, rude drivers. Lately, I have had several instances of tailgaters that were so close to my backend that I was fearful that they were going to hit me.

    It’s things like that person that passed you on the right, that make me crazy. I had a guy do that once to me and he lost control of his car on the shoulder. He went down into the ditch. He gained control but he had to of been embarrassed to wipe out like that. I thought it was hysterical.


  2. Bud

    Your story reminds me of one a friend of mine tells. When someone cuts him off, he say, he sometimes will pull in behind him and tailgate him, maybe with his headlights on. That’s bad enough, he says, but I know I’m in out of control when I miss my exit doing it.


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