Funny thing when we decided to stay home this winter everyone laughed and said “sure you are” lol
I simply replied” get your snow blower ready it will be a beast of a winter.
So time went by most of the people we know started to ask when was our departure date, I laughed and said I already pulled the boat out of the water and put it away for the winter. And then I would say “get ready it’s coming”
“What’s coming” They would say… “A cold, bitter, snow filled winter. We are staying home so it going to be a bad one.”

So my first thought as I get going this morning is I really know why we leave. It was a record I’m told for January snow fall and there is a winter weather advisory as we get ready to head out.

When the kids were younger and home we would go sledding, skiing and all the fun things one does in the snow.
My second thought is I really just don’t want to go outside and how the heck did we do all those things we used to do in the cold!
I have even found myself warming up the truck before I leave in the morning lol


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One thought on “Snow

  1. Cheryl P.

    You weren’t wrong…BEAST of a winter. We are in the middle of a major blizzard here today. EVERYTHING is closed here today. All the stores, all the offices, even the libraries are closed and they typically are open for the homeless. It is nearly scary seeing the zero visibility out of the window. But, of course, we are inside all safe and cozy.


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