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What a day! I had to get up early to drop off some paperwork at the court house. Going to the court house is never fun. I especially hate the emptying of my pockets and going through the metal detectors.  When ever I have to go I only carry my drivers license so I don’t get stopped at the metal detector.

So as I head on in I’m checking my pockets just to make sure I don’t have anything in them and I get to the door with a back pocket full of wrenches.

My first thought is what the heck I’ll just go through! Then I decided not to, so back to the truck I went!

It was a long day, worked until seven… Tiered, hungry, the thought of a stiff drink after the blizzard conditions drive home.

Yea three inches of slush and dumb-ass drivers.

Well my second thought was I wonder if the liquor store is open. Around here when anyone hears the word “snow”, everyone goes home.

Have a great week

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One thought on “Funny of the day

  1. Bud

    They probably would have confiscated your wrenches, Wolf. And maybe strip searched you. Courthouse guards have almost as little sense of humor those TSA guards.


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