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Has TV gone stupid?

I tried to watch some of the TV shows on regular TV. It is as if they are all struggling to act.
It just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal as years ago when I was an avid watcher.
The jokes seem strained, the fake laughter in the background, it’s just not working.
The whole time I watch these shows, Two Broke Girls is one of them. My first thought is, this is comedy?

There is one show that the actors seem to play their role well, The Big Bang Theory.
I have tried to watch some of the reality shows but I don’t make it through ten minutes.
The awards shows for the actors and musicians don’t seem to have that great of an appeal either.
Is it just me? Or do others feel the same way?

My second thought is I am glad I have a couple of winter projects to work on instead of watching TV.
I have the 1968 Alumacraft Alpex Sierra to finish.


Already she looks better than when I brought her home.  The boat was dirty and no trailer, just a mess




This is after compleating the new bottom and re gel coating the entire boat and building a new trailer for it.


Then there is my green power station… My “science fair project” as Trina calls it.

I have been working on re wiring and making it more efficient so when the new windmill gets here I am ready. I think I have rewired it a dozen times and I still need to add some more switches and regulators.  After being on the sailboat for so long I have found that I can do the same off grid electric work on land, I have started wiring the shop with low voltage lighting and power. The 3200 sq. ft. shop with full bathroom and  tools running and the apt used 56 kilowatt hours this week at 13.8 cents a kilowatt hour, roughly $7.72 for the week.




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