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Wow that’s a good one! When I find out who thought up this week?!
I hold happiness close to myself without it I couldn’t survive, Could any of us?

Happiness is right next to success – without one you can’t have the other!

Happiness to me is that everything I have done today flowed and gone smoothly with everyone that has dealt with or depends on me for something.

Happiness is taking care of and showing love to the people who I care about and help me through my daily life. (without you, I couldn’t have never survived…)

Happiness is that my kids turned out so well, even though I had to work constantly to make it through the week.

Happiness is meeting a new friend for the first time and you just know how they feel, like the puppy coming up the walk wagging it’s tale with unconditional love…

Happiness is sitting on a chair in the back of the farm on a warm day and just watching the sunset in the peace and quiet and remembering the Giant tube ride surfing the Pipeline in Hawaii with some friends.

Happiness is firing up the 911 Porsche just one more time to do the quarter-mile in front of the farm and then getting yelled at that I could have killed myself… LOL it’s a guy thing!!!

Happiness to me is that I live one day at a time I am the water flowing in the river not the rock blocking the water in the river – I let life flow the way it should through me and pass on the positive in my life to others.
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OK, I unblocked my own blog just ’cause Ya’ll said to…


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New post Wolfbernz

Thirteen Things I Am Grateful For

I live on a 13 acre horse Farm in the middle of soy bean fields. Everyday I wake up to this sanctuary that I created for myself and my family. These are 13 things I am Grateful for.

1. Beautiful Sunrises
Sunrise on the Farm

Flowers On The Farm 2. Waking up and smelling the Flowers

3. Feeding the horses their hay Ace High The Race Horse

Two of the horses on the farm

4. Petting my Wolves and listening to them howl every time the city fire alarm goes off

Woofy The Timber Wolf

Ghost Face the Wolf

5. The Beautiful wildlife, it changes with every season!
Snow Geese Migrate

6. Working at home in the Barn Building cabinets and furniture! Yes, I do more then work on the internet.

Wood Shop

View Out The Shop Door 7. The view as I work in the shop.

8. Taking the Farm Vehicle to town…. I love the look on the other farmers faces…LOL1969 Porsche 911 s

Re-storing 1971 Porsche 911t 9. Restoring the next farm vehicle…

10. Playing on the tractor New Tractor

Suzuki 350 Enduro Sport11. Riding my bike to the mail box

12. Raising my kids on a farm in a small town, What could be better!

Giant Rock Fish

Cordy going to prom

13. Best of all… You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture or a thousand words could not describe how wonderful living on the farm and raising my wonderful Children here is. I am so thankful for everything in my life. I am Grateful everyday!

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40 Inspirational Speeches!

I didn’t know what to do for Top Sites Tuesday on BlogDumps for the theme “Inspiration” and then I found this video! Can you name all 40 movies??

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Happy Tuesday!

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Google 411!

I just tried this it was sent to me in an email…

This is so cool… google I will never dial 411 again!

It’s a free 411 service from the Google giant, I think it is very nice of them.
So go on, you know as well as I do you want to try it! 1-800-goog-411


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The Wolfbernz Network of blogs

I am still under construction…

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be finished soon but with working on everything else I don’t get much time for my own blog.

I was on BlogDumps B-Tubed and uploaded this video it is totally awesome!

NFL Pick Me


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Happy Holidays

Yes we are remodeling the site!
I was going to use a cool flash template, Oh Yea… my bad But no I don’t think so.

I Installed the latest version of WordPress instead, wow the dashboard is all over he place I can’t believe how nice it is but I am going to have to learn where everything is all over again!

So in this blog I will be explaining all about the Wolfbernz network of blogs the services that are offered by Wolfbernz

And probably share a few personal stories along the way.

I hope you follow and join me on my journey in cyberspace¬† Now there is supposed to be a photo button here somewhere…LOL