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This weekend was the first weekend in about 8 months I haven’t had to worry and fret over my son and his family and the atrocity that has gone on… I have spent every extra minute reading and researching contacting doctors and experts in the field of infants that have had some sort of brain bleed. We found in our research that y grandson had a pre-existing condition that happens to many infants and when the doctors can’t explain it they say the parents must have done something… OMG, do these people have anything in their heads?!? So it was time to do what we do best, investigate. I feel like a walking encyclopedia… I guess we did a good job (Trina and I) because after eight months and entering our reports and the experts findings in about thirty minutes it was over, done!

My son, his wife, and his son were reunite. Wow what a blessing! If someone doesn’t say prayers work kick them in the *** and set them straight! But I do have to say God helps those that help themselves. So I had this overwhelming feeling this weekend of “what to do?” a void so to speak. It has lasted a few days… To go from every second of life filled with anticipation, worry, and helplessness to a screeching hault!

So I decided to do just nothing and let it all soak in. I sat in the easy chair, snored like a freight train, woke up, ate some food and tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep again. It was nice to relax and just not have the overload on my mind.

On Sunday I slept in a bit and then started to try to figure out where I had left off before all this had started. I took a walk to the grapes I planted on the farm and had a great conversation I guess they enjoyed it also I have grapes already. Then I made my way back to the house and tried to pick up the computer and it just wasn’t working I had spent to much time on it so off to take another nap! Oh, it was a good one except I didn’t snort and fall over backwards remember that one…LOL Trina asked me about three if I wanted to go walk the mall and just take it easy. So we did. We stopped in a Japanese restaurant and had some great food and just hung out and had fun like old times.

Today as I sit in my easy chair and write, I feel good. It’s like life has taken a turn for the best I am ready to pick up where I left off and get things rolling again. I have so many things I want to do especially on BlogDumps I have some ideas and now I will have the time and energy.

Have a great week everyone and Happy Tuesday 😀


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5 replies on “Relaxation”

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I am sure you needed to catch up on your sleep and I am glad you did.

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Love and Blessings,

One of my favorite sayings is “Trust God but tie your camel to a tree’ which is kinda like “God helps those who help themselves.” I think that except in extreme situations, God works through people and it sure sounds like He worked through you in your investigations. It must be a tremendous relief to you all.

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Bud aka Older Eyes

Wolf, I am so happy for you and your family that peace has once again come to your hearts and following in your lives. Sounda like a perfect Mother’s Day weekend…or any weekend, come to that. It truly is amazing how inspired we are when facing the fires of a personal hell. Bless all of you. Here is your click…

Gosh, your body must’ve been dead tired from all the worries and stress all that time. Glad you could finally rest though…whew!

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Thanks all 🙂
Yeah it’s been a long road! But it is the best gift I could ever have received to see my son, his wife and the grandson together again!


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