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Reflections of the Last Year

The first thing that comes to mind as I write my post today is the photo… I took this on the Nanticoke River in Southern Delaware on a cold day just before spring of last year 🙂

Things were very different then, life was always on the move off to the office… go go go.. it was a lot of fun but with that comes a lot of stress so it was time for a change. So I am back to just doing what I love to do, work on the web and some construction on old houses- yes I am a remodeler. I find this is much more fun to do and it gives me more time to spend with the family and the projects that I want to work on here at the farm. Working in the office is just not for me I need open spaces and constant changes so back to the field I went.

This is one project it was a fun one 🙂

Started with this!

Ended with this…The new look of the fireplace covered with granite and the new mantle

I have not quit working on the web I have built and sold web sites and have worked on my own. It has been an exciting investment of time. My favorite site is BlogDumps, it really is a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and I guess because it belongs to me if I don’t like it I just make some changes, not like a customer’s website where you have to get what they want out of their head on on to the web. I am really happy that BlogDumps has been growing as time goes by, it’s slow growth but that’s ok I really don’t want to be overwhelmed all of a sudden. I have tried to make BlogDumps a social site that is simplified for bloggers, not too much, and just enough to still have some fun. I guess that is what brought about Top Sites Tuesday where we can all get together and hang out and just have some fun reading each other thoughts on the theme for the week.

As far as general life itself we had the wettest Spring ever last year. I thought it would never stop raining! Thank God we live in a high and dry place 🙂 it was a good start to summer though we had some fun in the sun then my grandson was born. He is so cool! He will be one year old soon too. Has any one noticed they grow kids bigger now days!?

It seemed to be a wet fall this last year also but it didn’t keep us from having fun and taking a few trips to the wine country and following the wine trails, I would really like to do more traveling I love it.

Then came Mister Winter… Wow did he show up with a big HELLO! I have never seen that much snow here ever and if I never see that much snow again it’s ok with me!

It’s all gone now and Spring is here and it is time to plant here on the farm and start the new season. This is my favorite time of year – not to hot, not to cold… Great working weather I must say. It won’t be as wet of a spring this season though I just know it ’cause I bought a cap for my truck… LOL we will probably have a unusual drought or something.

I hope everyone has had as much fun with Top Sites Tuesday as I have!

Have a great Tuesday!

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8 replies on “Reflections of the Last Year”

Well done for a good year doing what you enjoy! If you’re doing something you enjoy its not like work! I’ve enjoyed the Top Sites Tuesdays…its nice to have discussions where no-one gets angry and starts to rant. This is a friendly, welcoming spot!

Cheers and Clicks,

You’re a very busy person but you take pride in all your work and it shows! Great job, great post, and great website(s)!

I can’t remember when I first joined BlogDumps or exactly where I first stumbled upon your site, but I am so glad to have joined and met all the wonderful people here. The sharing and online friendship has been such a blessing. Thanks to you and Trina for making this all happen!


Liggy (clicks!)

Hi, Wolf –

Congrats on TST’s first birthday. As I said in my post, it’s been fun and good for my blog. I really relate to your comments about working for yourself. I worked for big industry for years and when I started my own business, I was amazed how efficient … and fun … it was.

Thanks for BlogDumps … Click!

Bud aka Older Eyes

Hi Liggy,
I am glad you found us 🙂
Thanks for the kind words too.
Have a great week!


You are right Pete… Freedom you can’t put a price on it. I love being self employed, ok truth be known I couldn’t handle a regular job…LOL
Thanks for stopping in have a good week.


Hi Angelbaby

Thank you and thanks for joining me in my blogging quest 🙂

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