Two Thoughts For Tuesday

The weather here has been incredible, one day it’s sixty five and now it’s 9 degrees and windy.
I woke up the other morning the fire had gone out, the pipes froze and it was 24 degrees in here!
My first thought is what about all the homeless we take food to. My God they must be cold!
I am going to start gathering jackets to give them.

I don’t think we would have made out ok without the electric blanket!

I know we haven’t had a Top Sites Tuesday the last couple weeks, Trina and I were in a car accident. We are ok, I spent some time in the hospital and was sent home.

My second though Is I’m loving the new windmill. It’s here put together and flying.

This beautiful windmill runs enough juice to keep the electric bill down to 3 dollars plus a 5 dollar read the meter fee and 5 dollars just to have service. Yes you guessed right, while I watch it go backwards I might as well read the meter and save the five bucks… lol

Have a great Tuesday

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2 thoughts on “Two Thoughts For Tuesday

  1. Liggy

    Sorry I have been absent myself from blogging…but I have no excuse. Glad you are OK! Gosh, it is cold everywhere…a big change from the periods of “summer” we were experiencing this season. But if keep in 3-layers of clothing like I do, the cold isn’t so bad – LOL! Stay safe and comfortable!

  2. Cheryl P.

    Gosh, I am so sorry to hear you were in an accident….and bad enough to have to be hospitalized. Glad you are home and hope you both are OK.

    Yes, the weather is officially NUTS. It’s was horrible yesterday but we are back up to 30 today. How it can go from -10 to a positive 30 in 24 hours is just crazy.

    I like the windmill. I think wind energy makes such good sense but it seems to be slow at gaining popularity especially in urban environments. I don’t understand why all cities don’t supplement their electric supply with wind power.

    Glad your back blogging


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