Two frozen thoughts

Not much to say here
1. It’s really cold

Sorry didn’t mean to yell that last one lol

So I get up and realize I have mail on my iPad.
Only certain mail goes there, yes I am going o get a windmill after all!
Lets recap… Ordered windmill, largest storm ever to hit the china sea, paperwork filed with customs ISF Late 10 ( whatever the —- that ment) the cargo arrived late, then allocated and trucked to Mongolia, cargo is no held hostage for correct cargo by other recipients for their cargo, negotiations accomplished, paid extra 500 or so split by everyone, should arrive to Baltimore Port tomorrow. My first thought (said out loud) was wow I am really going to pull this off.

So the morning goes along, you know getting ready, coffee… Trina says you talk about this as if you thought you weren’t going to get one. My second thought was do I really say what comes to mind!?
Yes dear you are correct, I took the chance and just figured I through the money away. Her reply “so that’s why you have been so calm about this?”
Yes to be truthful, thinking that I was paying in full to the supplier in china, the forwarder, the agent, customs and God only knows who else if it really got here it would have to be a miracle.
My lovely wife’s reply, only you…

Have a great Tuesday


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One thought on “Two frozen thoughts

  1. Bud

    Wolf, I’ve been coming around here long enough to know that somehow you’d pull it off. We want pictures when you start to put it up.


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