Cool Weather

It looks like fall is right around the corner, the weather has cooled of considerably. I really don’t mind it makes for good working weather. The last few weeks have been super hot.

As I look across the fields this morning the pumpkins are glistening in the sunrise and the dew almost has a frost appearance. A glimpse as to what’s coming? Probably!

My first thought as I get ready to head out the door this morning is…
I was told the body can adapt to just about anything in six weeks, I don’t think I am adapting to working everyday very well and this is week eight lol. When we are sailing or working on the farm it is very hard work but not the same for some reason. Maybe it’s the deadlines, people wanting to move in to their new house, the stress of will we ever get this job finished that makes it seem harder. Because of all the work we have been doing this summer has flown by so fast.
We have taken on some interesting projects this one is large but will be satisfying when finished.
Clean, repair, stain and seal this monster of a house.


If you look to the right we started staining, Each log will be brushed three times when finished.

Trina and I were asked, do you ever stop working. And that brings me to my second thought. The answer is no, it seems as though there is always something that has to be done.
This week in the middle of the madness our sailboat is coming out of the water. It is in need of some work and needs a fresh bottom. We did get to enjoy the cruise to the hall out yard 🙂


Of course lets not forget it is pumpkin time! The holiday season will be upon us before you know it.
We have started hauling pumpkins to the stand in front of the farm. I keep saying to myself, you’re almost there it will be winter soon… Oh crap that’s right we are staying, yikes!


Have a great Tuesday


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3 thoughts on “Cool Weather

  1. Cheryl P.

    Staining that house seems daunting and I, too am impressed at how hard both of you work. I can’t imagine that most people could keep up that pace.

    It is getting cool here as well….at long last.

    Have a great week and here is a click.

  2. Bud

    Hi, Wolf –

    I love it when you and Trina include pictures. Your life is so different than ours and it’s good to see the details. It (sometimes) also makes me glad I’m (sort of) retired. Do you guys ever sleep?


  3. Wolfbernz Post author

    Hi Bud
    Not much but
    It won’t be long and winter will be here, dark at 4:30 lots of sleep time lol

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